Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid visits e-Residency

Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid visited the e-Residency office today to discuss how Estonia’s e-Residency community is growing around the world.

We discussed how e-residents are using the programme to grow their companies, what contribution they are making to our digital nation in return, and what more we can do to improve e-Residency.

We also looked at feedback from e-residents, including a Ukrainian entrepreneur who shared his difficulties accessing traditional banking in Estonia.

In particular, we discussed with the President how e-Residency can:

  • Improve access to a wider choice of e-services, such as banking.
  • Provide a new community network, which is launching this year and will help e-residents connect, learn and grow their companies.
  • Support more cross-border trade between e-residents and Estonians.
President Kaljulaid has already been discussing e-Residency in the Korea media

President Kaljulaid is travelling to South Korea next month and will officially open our new e-Residency Collection Centre in Seoul while she is there.

In anticipation, the highest number of applications for e-Residency are currently coming from South Korea.

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