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    access business banking and payment solutions

    Business banking for your Estonian company: pay and get paid for your hard work. Make international transfers, work in different currencies, or set up an online store.

    Business banking is essential

    It enables your business to accept payments from customers, pay suppliers and streamline financial operations.

    Trade easily within the EU

    Simplify financial transactions in Europe and manage funds in Euros by opening a business banking account in any EEA country.

    Simplify international transactions

    Transact efficiently across borders with multi-currency accounts, low-cost international transfers, virtual payment cards and e-wallets.
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    Payment institutions & fintechs in the EU/EEA

    A good option for early stage entrepreneurs and businesses making frequent international transactions. Not suitable for holding large amounts of funds.

    • Some providers offer an Estonian IBAN
    • Open an account entirely online
    • Widest choice of providers
    • No business loans & credits

    Banks in Estonia

    To open account you need to demonstrate a strong connection to Estonia. Location independent single shareholder with easily traceable income may also qualify.

    • Estonian IBAN
    • Business loans & credit
    • Online management with an e-resident card
    • Available to request a pre-decision before visiting in person
    • In-person visit needed to open an account

    Banks in other EU/EEA countries

    Consider this if you already have a great relationship with an EU/EEA bank, or live in another country in the EEA.

    • Business loans & credit
    • Based on an existing client relationship
    • No Estonian IBAN
    • In-person visits may be needed
    Inquire directly with an EU/EEA bank about opening an account.

    Do you have an online shop?

    With an e-commerce store you probably need an online payment gateway. e-resident merchants have access to a range of these services, including Stripe, Paysera and DECTA.

    Frequently Asked Questions