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    The e-⁠Residency team represents a multitude of stakeholders from the public and private sectors to allow interested people from overseas to access Estonian public e-services, fostering a global community of digital entrepreneurs.

    A collaborative, multi-stakeholder effort

    E-⁠Residency Core Team

    The central point in managing the program, accountable to the Estonian Government and People. Key functions are in Business Development, Marketing & Communications, Customer Service & Support, Product, and Risk Assessment. We facilitate partnerships and collaborations with public and private sector stakeholders. For (aspiring) e-⁠residents, we are also the first point of contact.

    Police and Border Guard Board

    Process e-⁠Residency digital ID applications and make final decisions about applications. Work with other authorities to ensure e-⁠Residency is used with good intentions.

    Estonian Foreign Ministry and Embassies

    Distribute e-⁠Residency digital ID cards and partner with the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. Some embassies also host events to empower the e-⁠Residency community.

    Information Systems Authority (RIA)

    Develop and manage Estonian digital infrastructure and ID card software.

    Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK)

    Develop and manage Company Registration Portal, e-Notary, e-Financials, e-Business Register, and related services.

    Tax and Customs Board

    Manage and oversee taxation, customs, employment register, statistics, and related e-services.

    Financial Intelligence Unit

    Ensure the transparency and honesty of financial transactions through the collection, analysis and sharing of financial intelligence information in order to prevent the use of the financial system and economic space of the Republic of Estonia for money laundering, financing terrorism and evading financial sanctions. They also issue authorizations for operating in licensed fields of business.

    Statistics Estonia

    Coordinate the system of classifications and for data governance in the country. An e-⁠resident may encounter them when asked to submit data or when one wishes to look up statistics relevant for business.

    Business and Innovation Agency

    Aims to to increase Estonia’s international competitiveness and to develop entrepreneurship and the living environment. E-⁠residents can benefit by using their business consulting and startup services, or applying for grants and other incentives aimed at growing a company.


    The Estonian e-⁠Residents International Chamber Association is a non-profit organisation that unites e-⁠resident entrepreneurs across the world, independently represents their interests, and helps them do more business with Estonia and with each other. EERICA is a decentralized organization with membership and a secretariat spanning the globe.

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