Master classes

e-Residency service providers offer key support and advisory services for e-residents wishing to run companies fully remotely, including bookkeeping, virtual office, tax and legal advisory as well as business banking services.

Accounting 101 for online entrepreneurs. VAT, from the basics to advanced topics (ENG)

  • In this short course, divided in three small video nuggets, we will go through everything you need to know to understand VAT.
  • We’ll start from the basics (what is VAT? do I need to get a VAT number?) and end up discussing more advanced topics such as digital downloads and VAT for drop-shipping companies.

Presenter: Your Company In Estonia’s staff
Service provider: Your Company in Estonia
Duration: 6 min

Understanding taxes - the long-term advantages of the Estonian deferred profit taxation directly compared to German taxation (GER)

  • You will find out why setting up a holding company in Estonia with Silva Hunt is beneficial for your business.
  • We will compare two popular scenarios for wealth accumulation in the period of 30 years.
  • Also, discuss in great detail how Estonia´s taxes differ from Germany. Tune in!

Presenter: Christoph Huebner
Service provider: Silva Hunt
Duration: 10 min

Company registration in 5 minutes (ENG, GER)

  • You can establish and manage an EU company online from anywhere using Estonian government-issued digital identity card.
  • Wherever you are in the world, you can run a remote company fully online by applying for e-Residency of Estonia.

Presenter: Adam Rang
Service provider: Unicount
Duration: 10 min

Business banking and payments for e-residents starting ecommerce business (ENG)

  • In this master class Leon Aldoshin, CEE Partnership Manager from Payoneer, explains the basics of how to choose a payment solution for e-commerce business opened and operated by e-residents.
  • He compares pros and cons of Fintech platforms and banks, and shares his vision on the future of e-commerce payments.

Presenter: Leon Aldoshin
Service provider: Payoneer
Duration: 5 min

Share capital contribution for Estonian company (ENG)

  • From this video you will find out what are share capital criterias for various Estonian types of entities.
  • Also, what in addition to money can be contributed to the capital (or non-monetary contribution). As well as measures to restore equity to meet the criteria in case your company is earning losses.

Presenter: Ksenia Shinwari, Afag Trubitsona, Vadim Donchevski
Service provider: Crowe DNW
Duration: 10 min

Things you forgot to consider before founding a company as e-resident (ENG)

  • Things you probably would like to consider before founding a company in Estonia as an e-resident. Let’s skip surprises!
  • BDO in Estonia is sharing good tips you otherwise wouldn’t know.

Presenter: Glen Madis, Svetlana Majerovitš, Anna-Anita Danilova
Service provider: BDO
Duration: 8 min

How to find your first gigs as a freelancer? (ENG)

Presenter: Chatlin Helm
Service provider: Xolo
Duration: 6 min