Master classes

e-Residency service providers offer key support and advisory services for e-residents wishing to run companies fully remotely, including bookkeeping, virtual office, tax and legal advisory as well as business banking services.

How to choose a service provider from e-Residency Marketplace

  • What is e-Residency Marketplace and why do e-residents need it? In the video you’ll get an overview of the Marketplace and get some tips, what to keep in mind when you start choosing a service provider for your company.

Presenter: Raimo Matvere, Head of Partnerships at e-Residency
Duration: 6 min

Register a company in the EU

  • You can establish and manage an EU company online from anywhere using Estonian government-issued digital identity card.
  • Wherever you are in the world, you can run a remote company fully online by applying for e-Residency of Estonia.

Presenter: Ilya Oleynikov
Service provider: Unicount
Duration: 9 min

Things you forgot to consider before founding a company as e-resident

  • Things you probably would like to consider before founding a company in Estonia as an e-resident. Let’s skip surprises!
  • BDO in Estonia is sharing good tips you otherwise wouldn’t know.

Presenter: Glen Madis, Svetlana Majerovitš, Anna-Anita Danilova
Service provider: BDO
Duration: 8 min

Business banking and payments for e-residents starting ecommerce business

  • In this master class Leon Aldoshin, CEE Partnership Manager from Payoneer, explains the basics of how to choose a payment solution for e-commerce business opened and operated by e-residents.
  • He compares pros and cons of Fintech platforms and banks, and shares his vision on the future of e-commerce payments.

Presenter: Leon Aldoshin
Service provider: Payoneer
Duration: 5 min

Share capital contribution for Estonian company

  • From this video you will find out what are share capital criterias for various Estonian types of entities.
  • Also, what in addition to money can be contributed to the capital (or non-monetary contribution). As well as measures to restore equity to meet the criteria in case your company is earning losses.

Presenter: Ksenia Shinwari, Afag Trubitsona, Vadim Donchevski
Service provider: Crowe DNW
Duration: 10 min

Accounting 101 for online entrepreneurs. VAT, from the basics to advanced topics (ENGLISH)

  • In this short course, divided in three small video nuggets, we will go through everything you need to know to understand VAT.
  • We’ll start from the basics (what is VAT? do I need to get a VAT number?) and end up discussing more advanced topics such as digital downloads and VAT for drop-shipping companies.

Presenter: Your Company In Estonia’s staff
Service provider: Your Company in Estonia
Duration: 6 min

An experienced tax expert explains why Estonia is a good place to do business

  • Estonia has a low level of bureaucracy, which also allows non-residents to easily and quickly set up a company in Estonia. The video explains the benefits and features.

Presenter: Meelis Krautmann
Service provider: Silva Hunt
Duration: 9 min

VAT in Estonia and European Union

  • «Value-added tax in the European Union — it is very confusing!» These are the major concerns that prevent e-residents from registering their own company.
  • But is it that complicated? Let us find it out together.

Presenter: Igor Raikhelgauz
Service provider: Magrat
Duration: 9 min

Estonian Investment Agency and the Investor Roadmap

  • This master class gives an overview of a comprehensive, one-stop investment consultancy services by the Estonian Investment Agency.
  • This is the roadmap how EIA team helps foreign investors grow their businesses and improve their competitiveness in the Estonian economy.

Presenter: Andres Labi, Invest in Estonia
Duration: 11 min

Success story of an e-resident company from Ukraine

  • With a little help from e-Residency, Alexander and Natalia Storozhuk founded PRNEWS.IO, an online marketplace for distributing sponsored news content.
  • The founders give a short overview about the role e-Residency has played in their entrepreneurial journey, which led to revolutionising the world of sponsored content distribution.

Presenter: Alexander Storozhuk, Natalia Storozhuk
Duration: 11 min