e-⁠Residency is expanding!

With new pickup points in Brazil, South Africa and South-East Asia, e-⁠Residency is making it easier for entrepreneurs to start and run EU-based businesses from anywhere.

We’re expanding and we want to help entrepreneurs expand too

Up until now, it has been difficult or expensive for people in large parts of the world to access e-⁠Residency. With the addition of pick-up points in São Paulo, Bangkok, Singapore and Pretoria, it opens up opportunities for more entrepreneurs in Africa, Latin America, and South-East Asia to join our community of 90,000+ e-⁠residents.

  • Who? Most e-⁠residents are entrepreneurs, business owners or consultants who work digitally, are location-independent and want to start and run an EU company.
  • How? Applying is easy: Fill in a form online, pick up your digital ID card and start running an EU company 100% online
  • Where? You can pick up your digital ID card in 45+ cities worldwide, the new locations include São Paulo, Bangkok, Singapore, and Pretoria

Why become an e-⁠resident?

Looking to move or expand your business into the EU?

  • Enter the EU market by registering a company in Estonia
  • Operate within Estonia’s transparent business environment and the EU Single Market
  • Access trusted banking and payment services based in Europe and operate in Euros

Wondering how to grow your business while on the road?

  • Start a company in Estonia fully online and run it remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Take a minimalist approach to business and go paperless with secure digital solutions
  • Easily automate or delegate business administration to expert service providers

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Meet the e-residents

“We operate our Estonian company MansionTech, a global digital marketing consulting company from Brazil and Austria. We’re the perfect example of how e-Residency can support remote entrepreneurs working across borders.”

Ian A.
Tech Lead, Mansiontech OÜ, Brazil

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