e-⁠Residency is expanding!

    With new pickup points in Brazil, South Africa and South-East Asia, e-⁠Residency is making it easier for entrepreneurs to start and run EU-based businesses from anywhere.

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    We’re expanding and we want to help entrepreneurs expand too

    Up until now, it has been difficult or expensive for people in large parts of the world to access e-⁠Residency. With the addition of pick-up points in São Paulo, Bangkok, Singapore and Pretoria, it opens up opportunities for more entrepreneurs in Africa, Latin America, and South-East Asia to join our community of 90,000+ e-⁠residents.

    • Who? Most e-⁠residents are entrepreneurs, business owners or consultants who work digitally, are location-independent and want to start and run an EU company.
    • How? Applying is easy: Fill in a form online, pick up your digital ID card and start running an EU company 100% online
    • Where? You can pick up your digital ID card in 45+ cities worldwide, the new locations include São Paulo, Bangkok, Singapore, and Pretoria

    Why become an e-⁠resident?

    Looking to move or expand your business into the EU?

    • Enter the EU market by registering a company in Estonia
    • Operate within Estonia’s transparent business environment and the EU Single Market
    • Access trusted banking and payment services based in Europe and operate in Euros

    Wondering how to grow your business while on the road?

    • Start a company in Estonia fully online and run it remotely from anywhere in the world
    • Take a minimalist approach to business and go paperless with secure digital solutions
    • Easily automate or delegate business administration to expert service providers

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    Meet the e-⁠residents

    “We operate our Estonian company MansionTech, a global digital marketing consulting company from Brazil and Austria. We’re the perfect example of how e-Residency can support remote entrepreneurs working across borders.”

    "Running a European-based company has led my clients to trust me more. My work relates to GDPR regulation compliance, so Estonia is the ideal business address."

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