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e-Residency Week 2019

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This event happened in the past.
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Five years ago on December 1, 2014, Edward Lucas, Senior Editor of The Economist, became the first e-resident of Estonia.

This was the first time that a country had provided a digital identity to someone who lived beyond its borders, ushering in a new era of how we think about the relationships between governments and the people they serve. 

Since then, over 60,000 people from 165+ countries around the world have joined Estonia’s digital nation and became e-residents. To celebrate this milestone, we are hosting a series of events for our community around the world as part of e-Residency Week, hosted in partnership with Estonia’s embassies and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The events will feature:

  • A welcome message from Estonia’s ambassador or another representative. 
  • A retrospective view of what happened during the first five years of the e-Residency programme.
  • Information about how e-residents can start and run a company fully online.
  • Discussion about exciting developments that are on the way for our community of e-residents around the world. 
  • A chance to meet and network with other e-residents and friends of Estonia.

Please note that registration for e-Residency week has closed as of 20.11.2019.

This event happened in the past.