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    Estonia’s e-Residency Programme goes to OMR Festival 2023

    This event happened in the past.
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    Join e-Residency at OMR Festival 2023!

    This year, the e-Residency Team will be part of the OMR Festival 2023 in Hamburg from 9 – 10 May. Join the e-Residency booth that you can find at A4 F09.

    The e-Residency booth will also e-Residency service providers: Silva Hunt (represented by Kaspar Karik and Anne-Liis Theisen) and 1Office Group (represented by Darja Titarenko). There will also be representation from Invest in Estonia (Riina Leminsky) and Visit Estonia (Evely Baum-Helmis).

    On 9 May from 12.30 – 14.00, e-Residency will host a workshop: “No paper. No notary. Build your next EU business 100% online with Estonia’s e-Residency” at Track 31 in Karoline, Hall A1

    Join Mats Kuuskemaa, Country Director of Germany, Anne-Liis Theisen, Founder of Ösel Birch and Communications Manager at Silva Hunt, e-Resident Founder Maximilian Schwemmer, and Riina Leminsky, Country Director for Invest in Estonia in Germany for a discussion about how e-Residency could be a gamechanger for entrepreneurs and beyond.

    Click here for more updated information about e-Residency at the OMR website.

    This event happened in the past.