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    Global health insurance for e-Residents of Estonia

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    This event happened in the past.
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    Together with different experts, we host monthly webinars about global health insurance options for e-Residents of Estonia.

    – We give general overviews and talk about the basics of personal health care coverage.
    – We introduce the Estonian public universal healthcare system Haigekassa.
    – You will learn about different options that play nicely with your e-Residency and your company in Estonia supporting your nomadic lifestyle.

    This webinar will be hosted by:
    – Christoph Huebner, NOMADS.insure
    Christoph is an e-Resident and perpetual traveler himself. So he combines the experience of a truly location-independent digital nomad with more than 10 years of expertise in health insurance.
    – Ivar Veskioja, Founder of Unicount
    Ivar is a cornerstone for everybody doing service business in Estonia. For many years he has been among the most active entrepreneurs in the country with an amazing network in the Estonian business community.

    This event happened in the past.