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    How e-Resident crypto companies can comply with new regulations

    This event happened in the past.
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    Recently, new and stricter crypto rules came into place in Estonia, and many companies might lose their licenses if they don’t comply with them on time. It might seem puzzling and certainly raises some questions. We will host a webinar to shed some light on why it still makes sense to get a crypto license in Estonia.

    Join us on the 6th of July at 3 PM!
    Dagne Aaremäe from Silva Hunt OÜ will interview Mari-Liis Kurg from Complok about Estonia´s crypto regulation landscape.

    We will cover the following questions and more:

    • What stage is Estonia compared to other countries regulating crypto?
    • What is MiCA and how will it shape the crypto licensing future?
    • When do you need to get a crypto license in Estonia?

    We will also have a Q&A at the end of the 30-minute interview so you can get the most out of this webinar.

    This event happened in the past.