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How Estonia is solving problems for startups

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This event happened in the past.
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There is a reason why Estonia has the most unicorns per capita in Europe. In this webinar we are going to explore why Estonia is so successful and such a lucrative jurisdiction for startup founders.

What should founder be prepared for when entering the EU market and how to get started?

We will uncover all these topics together with Emil Chichioi, an E-resident and ​founder of Bloomcoding, an Edtech startup which started in Moldova and is now scaling into the EU market. Emil will be joined by Federico Pirola and Rosen Dimov from Emerald Foundry , two more E-residents who will provide an overview of the startup support services you can find in the Estonian ecosystem.

The discussion is moderated by Dagne Aaremäe from Silva Hunt.

This event happened in the past.