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    Pro-tips for Estonian company owners. How to avoid these 7 common mistakes.

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    The e-Residency program has made having your company in Estonia super easy. BUT running any type of business anywhere always comes with its own learning curve. Costly mistakes are easy to make but they are also easy to avoid!

    This webinar is all about helping you sidestep the most common pitfalls (and the costs!) so you can run a stress-free borderless company in Estonia. Prevention is better than a cure after all.

    We’ve gathered real-life lessons learned by some of the entrepreneurs we have helped over the years. In this webinar, we’ll cover sticky legal issues you should avoid, cash flow slip-ups, double-taxation-whammies, and so much more!

    We will also cover how the Companio dashboard can help you solve and sidestep those little issues, and so much more. Since we are a business service provider founded 100% by e-Residents, we’re best placed to help you with the smooth running of your company in Estonia.

    The webinar will be held in English.

    This event happened in the past.