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Sua jornada na Europa acontece pela Estônia! – Sessão Rio

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(Event with a Portuguese-to-English translator available)

A Estônia é o país com o maior número startups per capita na Europa e um dos mais rápidos e vibrantes ecossistemas no mundo.

Você sabia que levam someste 15 minutos para iniciar uma empresa na Europa 100% virtualmente pela e-Residency? Ou que com o status, um empresário ao constituir a empresa europeia tem acesso a atodos os investimentos para o continente?

Ou que o Startup Estonia tem o Startup Visa e o Scale Up Visa , os vistos mais úteis do escossistema europeu? A Startup Estonia é o principal elo entre o ecossistema de startups da Estônia e o mundo, incluindo o melhor e mais rápido programa Startup Visa disponível.


  • 19:00 Intro – Sai do Papel: Sai do papel como hub de internacionalização brasileiro.
  • 19:15 e-Residency: Tudo sobre a internacionalização sem sair do Brasil e acesso aos benefícios do ecossistema estoniano.
  • 19:35 Startup Estonia: Tudo sobre o ecossistema estoniano e vistos para startups.
  • 20:00 Michele Garcia – Fundadora @ Kuninganna: A trajetória internaiconal de uma empresária brasileira através da Estônia
  • 20:15 Q&A + Bebidas e canapés


Estonia is the country with the highest number of startups per capita in Europe and one of the fastest and most vibrant ecosystems in the world.

Did you know that it takes 3 hours to start a company in Europe 100% virtually via e-Residency? Or that Estonia provides you with Startup Visa and the Scale Up Visa? How to access the best startup ecosystem in the world with the help of Startup Visa? The e-Residency has become the best way out for:

  • easy management of international companies
  • attract foreign investors
  • raise European funds for your area
  • easy internationalization of your product and company

Startup Estonia is the main link between the Estonian startup ecosystem and the world, including the best and fastest Startup Visa program available.

At this Event

Learn more about how to create and maintain companies based in Europe 100% online, with the flexibility to hire or even move to Europe after having your company opened in the country from Brazil.

  • We will have a presentation on e-Residents from Brazil who have expanded their opportunities through their European company.
  • The startup founder will share his journey to Estonia and why it may make sense also to you!
  • We will also have the participation of associate lawyers who can answer about the precautions when opening a company in Estonia while in Brazil.

We are waiting for you there!

Whether you are an e-resident or not, meet the e-Residency team and Startup Estonia for drinks, food, and networking. We will answer all your questions!

We count on you in our second mission in Brazil!

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