e-Residency Borderless Business Seminar: Istanbul

12 Mar

Idari Bina Konferans Salonu
Çifte Havuzlar Mah. Eski Londra Asfaltı Cad.
İdari Bina Dış Kapı No:151/1L İç Kapı No:1

12 Mar

e-Residency Borderless Business Seminar: Istanbul

Learn how to pick up your Estonian e-Residency Digital ID Card in Istanbul and start a new company entirely online!

E-Residency is happy to announce that we are offering a new pickup location in Turkey: Istanbul! Looking for more information before you apply? Join us for our event in Istanbul, Yıldız Teknopark to learn how you can start and run a company entirely online!

Attendees will hear from Jaan Heinsoo, Head of New Markets, e-Residency | Republic of Estonia; Mustafa Baltaci, KOOPHub and Emre Savas,  Former CTO and Co-Founder of Reachpeople OÜ (e-Resident).


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