Get started with e-Residency

3 Nov
14:00-15:00 GMT+2



3 Nov
14:00-15:00 GMT+2

Get started with e-Residency

Join our monthly webinar!

This webinar is aimed at those in the early stages of being an e-resident, whether you are still considering applying, waiting for your digital ID card, or are using it for the first time.

We will cover:

✓ Introduction to Estonia and e-Residency
✓ How to apply for e-Residency
✓ How to use your digital ID card
✓ How to establish and manage a company as an e-resident
✓ Live Q&A

The webinar takes place on the first Tuesday of every month.
Find a date and book your attendance now!

  • August 4th 2020
  • September 1st 2020
  • October 6th 2020
  • November 3rd 2020

  • Digital identity
  • e-Estonia
  • e-Residency
  • e-resident
  • entrepreneur
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