e-Residency webinars + live Q&A

19 Nov - 19 Dec
14:00-15:00 GMT+3

Online via Zoom

19 Nov - 19 Dec
14:00-15:00 GMT+3

e-Residency webinars + live Q&A

During December we are hosting a number of our partners and stakeholders to hear their expert insights on key topics for e-residents, from registering a company online to paying tax. For consistency, all these webinars are happening 14:00 – 15:00 EEST (except webinars with EERICA).

Whether you are already an e-resident and running your company or you are just taking your first steps as an entrepreneur– sign up and join us! These webinars are for you!

P.S. special guests only in November & December!

  • November 19th 2019 Ask about e-Residency from e-resident entrepreneurs Wissem & Arzu
  • November 20th 2019 About international taxation with Ernst & Young
  • November 25th 2019 Ask about e-Residency from e-resident entrepreneurs Christoph & Ian
  • November 27th 2019 Learn about fintech banking from Paysera
  • December 2nd 2019 Ask about business banking from LHV
  • December 4th 2019 Managing contracts for your business?
  • December 6th 2019 E-Residency Marketplace - how to find the best service provider for you?
  • December 9th 2019 Ask about e-Residency from e-resident entrepreneurs Michelle & Kirill
  • December 10th 2019 International taxation - the basics that every starting e-resident entrepreneur needs to know
  • December 12th 2019 How to use the data made available by the Estonian Statistics Board to your advantage?
  • December 19th 2019 Everything about Startup Visa and Startup Estonia
  • December 20th 2019 How to register your company in the Company Registration Portal with Centre of Registers and Information systems

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