Remote Work Tips for Small Businesses

26 Mar



26 Mar

Remote Work Tips for Small Businesses

Join us for a webinar hosted by e-Residency and Evelin Andrespok, Estonian remote work and leadership consultant, Head of People & Culture at Ampler Bikes, former People Ops Lead at Toggl (fully remote company). More info about her at

We will cover the following topics:

Long term remote work vs. temporary work from home situations because of COVID-19.
• Skills needed for effective remote work (independence, proactivity, and clear communication).
• Important leadership principles in remote work (communication, guidance and setting expectations, trust, planning, avoiding micromanagement, and creating a sense of community).
• Running effective virtual meetings (preparation, tools, participation, and follow-up).
• Individual productivity at home (home office setup, routines, and agreements with the team).


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