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    Tap into the European business ecosystem through e-⁠Residency, Estonia's digital identity. Expand your client base, access funding, and operate remotely - 100% online.

    Become an e-resident

    Your business powered by e-Residency

    In the EU market

    • Sell goods or services to clients in any EU member state
    • Simplify VAT obligations with the new OSS and IOSS VAT programmes
    • Secure your Intellectual Property and streamline funding

    Simple corporate environment

    • Open and run your company 100% online
    • Easy-to-navigate tax environment -- in English
    • Developed business support market and startup ecosystem

    Operating on your terms

    • Reliable remote access to services through your digital identity
    • Access EU banking and trade in Euros
    • Apply online and pick up your card in Pretoria
    • A first step to Estonia's startup visa


    e-⁠residents worldwide


    Estonia's global tax competitiveness rank

    under 30

    minutes to open a company

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    Next steps to becoming an EU business owner

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      Submit your online application, along with the required documents and fee

      Apply online
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      Wait for the decision from the Estonian Police & Border Guard Board

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      Pick up your e-Residency kit in Pretoria

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      Find support for bookkeeping, business banking and tax

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      Register your company online

    6. 6

      Start operating - seamlessly reaching the EU consumer market

    “I was looking for a country where I can run things remotely to save time and money. Most of my clients are from Europe and the US, so it was also convenient to set up my business in Estonia.”

    "Estonia was the easiest way to incorporate the company and manage it remotely,"

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