Funding your business

Estonia is lucky to have a public sector that is committed to helping businesses flourish. Enterprise Estonia and KredEx, the state economic agencies, offer national and EU-funded business grants and services. Each offering has specific eligibility criteria that your company will need to meet, such as the time the company has been active, annual sales growth, and number of employees.

Public sector grants and services

Enterprise Estonia

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) is a national foundation that aims to develop the Estonian economy.

Enterprise Estonia


KredEx helps enterprises develop quicker and expand more safely, offering loans, venture capital, credit insurance with state guarantee. 

Startup Estonia

Startup Estonia

You can find more information about incubators, accelerators, funding opportunities and other, on the Startup Estonia homepage.

Startup Estonia is a government initiative aimed to supercharge the Estonian startup ecosystem. 

Go to Startup Estonia

Investors, business incubators and clusters in Estonia

Give your company the best chance of success by joining a business incubator in Estonia or find partners among local cluster members. 

The best way to learn about them is to join online communities like #EstonianMafia to ask for advice, attend business conferences like sTARTUp Day or Latitude59, and reach out to providers directly. 

Get to know Estonia's startup ecosystem

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Build your startup with the support of technology-focused development and training incubators.

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Business chambers and clusters

Join a local business chamber or cluster in Estonia to find clients and network with potential partners.

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Elevate from startup to scaleup via accelerator programmes led by experienced founders and business mentors.

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Investors and crowdfunding

Get funding for your business idea from approachable seed investors, VCs and crowdfunders.

Get connected

… to other e-residents who have established their company in Estonia.

The e-Residency Company List enables e-residents to publish their Estonian company’s profile on our website. Its aim is to provide a secure platform that contains information on verified e-resident companies and also to give e-residents a chance to highlight their products and services in order to find new customers and business partners.

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