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    launch the side-hustle of your dreams

    Looking for a way to turn your part-time hobby or passion into a side-business? E-⁠Residency provides an easy and low-risk way to give it a try. Register a limited liability company in Estonia 100% online, from wherever you are.

    Be free to work anytime, anywhere

    Your personal e-⁠Residency digital ID provides 24/7 remote access to run your business from anywhere in the world.

    Make more time to do what you love

    Efficient and paperless business administration saves you valuable time for your clients and creative work.

    Don't do it alone

    Get all the support and advice you need. Connect to our huge global network of entrepreneurs and service providers.

    Protect credibility and limit liability

    Operating your side-hustle through a limited company raises your legitimacy in the eyes of clients and partners and limits your liability.

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    E-⁠Residency for Solopreneurs and Freelancers

    E-⁠Residency is the perfect solution for solopreneurs wanting to launch a side business. It's also a great way for freelancers to keep their individual freedom but up their legitimacy by operating through a limited company. Becoming an e-⁠resident gives you a secure digital ID to authenticate yourself online in the world's most digital country, and entry into an active and growing community of entrepreneurs.

    With your e-⁠Residency digital ID card, you:
    • get 24/7 remote access to Estonia's digital business environment
    • can register a company rapidly in the EU from anywhere in the world
    • enjoy full, simple, secure access to the online business services you need
    • can manage administrative tasks efficiently and at a low cost
    • have more time to spend on clients and creative work, and
    • stay in control of your career with full freedom and flexibility
    And you don't need to do it alone. Being a member  of such a large community means you can access the support and knowledge you need to get started. 

    Articles for solopreneurs

    Examples of how solopreneur e-⁠residents pay taxes

    Example: no fixed place of business

    Thomas is a digital nomad and a solopreneur. He became an e-⁠resident and founded an Estonian company to run his solo IT consulting business.  Thomas can manage his company entirely digitally from anywhere in the world, which is very cost-efficient and easy. Since he works in different countries and is not a permanent resident anywhere, he does not need to register a permanent establishment in any other country.

    Example: Fixed place of business

    Tina is an e-⁠resident and lives in Frankfurt. She started a side-hustle as a freelance copywriter and founded an Estonian company to provide her services since it is effortless, fast, and cost-efficient.  However, since she works from Germany, she needs to register a permanent establishment in Germany. Profits from her business activities would be taxable in Germany. The treaty between Estonia and Germany will ensure that dividends distributed in Estonia will be exempt in full from income tax here.

    Navigating taxes as a solopreneur

    Understanding cross-border taxes

    Read an overview of how international taxation affects where e-⁠residents pay corporate taxes.

    Tax guide for e-residents

    Learn the main taxes to be aware of as an entrepreneur, and guiding principles for where e-residents pay taxes.

    Taxes for digital nomads

    If you travel regularly, read this article for guidance on your personal and corporate taxes.

    Outsource admin and get support

    company setup

    E-Residency developed the Marketplace for e-residents, so you can easily find trusted partners. Listed service providers are curated in this business directory based on careful due diligence of their:

    • Service quality
    • Background and reputation
    • Service offerings in line with the needs of e-residents

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