the best place in europe for ecommerce

E-⁠Residency, Estonia’s digital identity, gives you access to the EU market with the benefits of a simple business and tax environment — ideal for eCommerce or any online enterprise.

Your business powered by e-Residency

In the EU market

  • Sell goods or services to clients in any EU member state
  • Simplify taxes with one VAT number
  • Avoid the need for an EU tax intermediary
  • Access the new OSS and IOSS VAT programmes

Operating from where you are

  • Travel only to pick up your e-Residency card - in Bangkok or Singapore
  • Digital identity means your location doesn't matter

Simple corporate environment

  • Open and run your company 100% online
  • Easy-to-navigate tax environment - in English
  • Well developed market for professional service providers to support your business

stay informed. stay connected.

Next steps to becoming an EU business owner

  1. 1

    Submit your online application, along with the required documents and fee

    Submit application
  2. 2

    Wait for the decision from the Estonian Police & Border Guard Board

  3. 3

    Pick up your e-Residency kit in Bangkok or Singapore

  4. 4

    Register your company online

  5. 5

    Designate a licensed service provider for address and contact requirements

  6. 6

    Start operating - seamlessly reaching the EU consumer market

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