Service providers for your Estonian company

A growing ecosystem of service providers are ready to help you with a wide variety of company administration tasks so you can concentrate on growing your business.
You can find a curated list of Service Providers, who have experience working with companies created by e-residents, in our Marketplace

3 key things to keep in mind when choosing a service provider

Think ahead

  • What kinds of services will you need in 6-12 months’ time?
  • How active will your company be now and in the future?If your company will be active straight away, you might opt for a service provider offering a packaged service for a monthly fee. If it will take time for your company to be active, one-off services may be more useful.

Understand your needs

  • Do you need help with company administration, or can you do some yourself?
  • How much time and resources can you contribute to company administration? Experienced company administrators might be more independent and need less help from a service provider (but may still choose to outsource tasks to save time/resources). Others with less experience may need a service provider to support more operations all the time.

Get multiple quotes

  • Which service provider is the best fit for your business?
  • Who offers the best pricing?

90% of e-resident companies use the help of service providers

Essential services to get your company started

Company formation, legal address and contact person

  • For companies with a foreign management board, it’s required to use a licensed company or notary to provide a legal address and contact person in Estonia
  • The contact person acts as a messenger for your company for local authorities if they cannot reach you in person and doesn’t need to be granted rights to act on behalf of your company
  • Many e-residents also use a service provider to help with company formation

Business banking

  • There are a range of banking and payment options available for your business. Review our Banking basics and Banking comparison before getting started.
  • Payment institutions: Fintech companies offer the most flexible and accessible business banking and payment services, and accept applications online.
  • Banks in Estonia will require you to make at least one physical visit to Estonia to set up your account, and to show your company has a strong connection to Estonia.


  • Bookkeeping for your company in Estonia must comply with local accounting and legal standards
  • The minimum requirement is to file your company’s Annual Report each year, with additional obligations depending on the nature and activities of your business
  • Using an accountant who knows the accounting principles and system in Estonia will save you time and energy in running your business

Tax consulting

  • Your Estonian company is automatically considered a tax resident of Estonia
  • BUT you should consider if your company also has tax obligations in the country where you live or otherwise conduct business, and whether international tax rules apply
  • We strongly recommended getting advice from international tax consultants or the local tax office in your country of residence
  • You might also want to review our Estonian Tax basics, Business Guide and the Estonian Tax Customs website before getting started

Find a trusted service provider for your company

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  • Find tax and legal experts, accountants, payment providers, virtual office services, and more
  • Access Estonian government e-services
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