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    pickup locations for your digital id

    Apply to become an e-⁠resident and collect your digital ID from one of 50+ pickup locations listed below. You can establish a company and make digital signatures as soon as your new card is activated.

    You need to collect your e-⁠Residency digital ID in person as your fingerprints are required.


    After your application has been approved, it can take 2-5 weeks for your e-⁠Residency kit to arrive at your pickup location.


      Once your kit has arrived, your pickup location will send instructions related to scheduling your pick up. We recommend you wait to plan any travel until this time.

        International pickup

        If you do not have a pickup location in your country, you can arrange to collect your e-⁠Residency kit in another country. Please verify you have the ability to enter the country and obtain the necessary travel visa.

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