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Apply for e-⁠Residency, pick up your e-⁠Residency kit and use it to start, run and grow a company 100% online.

here's what you need to do

1. Apply online

Choose pickup location

Where do you want to pick up your e-Residency kit? There are 50+ pickup locations worldwide to choose from.

Prepare documents
  • your CV
  • motivation statement
  • copy of your travel document/ID
  • passport style digital photo

About preparing documents

Fill application & pay fee
100 - 130 €
30 min

Apply for e-Residency on the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board website and pay the application fee using VISA or Mastercard.

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2. Wait for approval and card delivery

Identity check
8 - 30 days

The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board will review your application and conduct a background check. You might be asked additional questions for clarification purposes. When the processing of your application is complete, you will be notified by email.

Track your application status

Card delivery
2 - 5 weeks

After your application is approved, your unique card is printed and delivered to your chosen pickup location.

Start preparing for company registration

3. Pick up your card

€ travel costs

When the card arrives at the location you selected in your application, you will be invited by email to collect it. Don't forget to bring along your ID - the same that you used in your application.

4. Set up your card

€ free

Your card is automatically activated within 24h after you pick it up. Your card comes with instructions on how to install the necessary ID-software (Digidoc). Once you install it, you can start using your new digital ID.

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