Become an e-resident

When you join Estonia’s digital nation, you can start a company 100% online, run your EU business remotely, and eliminate paper and bureaucracy. Apply for your digital ID from e-Residency today.

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Who should apply?

E-Residency is open to individuals from all countries, from Germany to Ukraine, Brazil to Spain. Most e-residents are entrepreneurs who work digitally, are location-independent and want to start and run an EU company.

Business owners

looking to go paperless and run a fully digital company in the EU


who want to access the EU market, capital or payment solutions

Freelancers + consultants

who want to save time and automate or delegate their invoicing processes

Digital nomads

seeking a minimalist lifestyle and true freedom from a fixed location

Benefits of e-Residency

Start an EU company

Grow business remotely

Reduce bureaucracy

Join a global community

VIDEO: How e-Residency works

How to apply

Gather documents

You will need:

  • A copy of your government-issued ID
  • A passport-style digital photo
  • Motivation statement
  • Visa or Mastercard

Submit application

Pay state fee and receive confirmation email after successfully submitting. State fee: €100-120.

If you choose an office in Estonia as the pick-up location the fee is €100.

If you choose a foreign representation of Estonia as the pick-up location you will have to pay €120 upon applying.

Application review

Estonian Police & Border Guard Board conducts background check and will notify you by email when process is complete. Process: 3-8 weeks

The Estonian Police & Border Guard Board may request additional information while conducting your background check which may increase the processing time.

Pick up e-Residency kit

If granted e-Residency, you will be invited to:

  • Collect e-Residency kit at location selected on your application
  • Bring government-issued ID submitted with application
  • Submit fingerprints

Apply for e-Residency today

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What happens next

Pick up your e-Residency kit

Use your digital ID

Start your company

Start your company