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    Register a company in Estonia rapidly and 100% online. Authenticate remotely with your digital ID, access e-services seamlessly, and lean on a network of supportive service providers.

    here's what you need to do

    1. Prepare

    2. Get a legal address & contact person

    200 - 400 € / year
    1 day - 1 week

    Companies whose management team is located outside of Estonia, require an Estonian legal address and contact person service. A contact person needs to ensure that the communication works between the local authorities and your company’s management board. Contact persons are not granted rights to act on behalf of your company.

    3. Register your company

    265 €
    15 min - 1 hour

    Once you have your e-Residency card you can log into the e-Business Register and start registering your company fully online.

    4. Open a bank account

    0 - 200 €
    1 hour - 1 week

    The best option for e-residents is to open a business banking account with a fintech based in the European Economic Area (EEA). This way accounts can be opened entirely online.

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    You really don’t need to do everything alone. Working with a verified service provider will save you time and money.

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    E-Residency does not affect your personal tax residency. There are a variety of aspects to consider to determine where your company needs to pay taxes, when running a cross-border business. Read more.

    Business licenses

    Some areas of activity are subject to special requirements for which you will need to submit a notice of economic activity or apply for a business licence. Read more.


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