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    run a company

    Access a vibrant business network and funding opportunities. Save time with remote management and learn your reporting responsibilities.

    Start your business strong

    Find partners and clients

    Network among 25,000+ business owners within the e-Residency community. Your next client or partner may just be another e-resident.

    Get funding or mentoring

    Explore numerous entrepreneurship programmes in Estonia and the EU. Find private investors or public grants.

    • Private investors and support programmes: VC funding, accelerators, incubators.
    • Local business chambers and conferences like Latitude59 and sTARTUp Day
    • EU or Estonian government grants
    • Regulatory incentives for SMEs/startups

    administer your business with ease

    Remote company managment

    Participate in Estonia's digital business environment from anywhere in the world thanks to a Digital ID that comes with your e-Residency status. No need to travel for admin.
    • Sign documents digitally and securely
    • Access government e-services 24/7
    • Submit reports and declare taxes online

    Manage your company structure

    25 €
    • Manage board members
    • Change company information (e.g. name)
    • Manage articles of association
    • Manage share capital

    File company reports online

    Annual Report (yearly)

    It is mandatory for all Estonian companies to file annual accounts.

    Hiring staff

    For any new employee in Estonia, you need to register them, and declare salary payments. Calculating tax payments can be done using an online tax calculator.

    If the employee is located outside of Estonia, no tax reporting or tax payment obligations should arise in Estonia. But make sure to check local requirements in country where the employee is located.

    Outsource accounting to experts

    You really don’t need to do everything on your own. Save time and outsource your bookkeeping needs.

    What do you need help with?

    Find an expert service provider

    Discover the physical behind the digital

    Visit Estonia

    Whether you want to travel to Estonia to explore potential business opportunities, meet with your business service provider or just enjoy Estonia on holidays, we encourage e-⁠residents to explore their digital homeland. Note that non-EU citizens wanting to travel to Estonia may need to apply for a VISA.

    Relocate your business to Estonia

    Be closer to all the action in Estonia’s vibrant startup ecosystem or benefit from the most competitive tax system. Open an office, find partners or hire staff here and experience the benefits.

    Ready to start?