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    pickup locations for your digital id

    Apply to become an e-⁠resident and collect your digital ID from one of 50+ pickup locations listed below. You can establish a company and make digital signatures as soon as your new card is activated.

    You need to collect your e-⁠Residency digital ID in person as your fingerprints are required.


    After your application has been approved, it can take 2-5 weeks for your e-⁠Residency kit to arrive at your pickup location.


      Once your kit has arrived, your pickup location will send instructions related to scheduling your pick up. We recommend you wait to plan any travel until this time.

        International pickup

        If you do not have a pickup location in your country, you can arrange to collect your e-⁠Residency kit in another country. Please verify you have the ability to enter the country and obtain the necessary travel visa.

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          Frequently asked questions

          You will need to choose a pickup location in another country. Please keep in mind, once your e-Residency kit has arrived at your pickup location, you will need to collect it within 6 months. In many cases, your e-Residency kit is available for collection 6-8 weeks after you have submitted your application.

          Due to unforeseen circumstances, the pickup points for e-Residency kits in São Paulo (Brazil), Bangkok (Thailand), Singapore, Tokyo (Japan) and Pretoria (South Africa) operated by an external service provider were closed on the 26th of May 2023. Unfortunately, we do not currently have information on when pickup locations in these countries will be available again. We advise you to select another suitable pickup location from those listed above.

          No. You will need to collect your document in person as your fingerprints are required. It is not possible to give someone else the power of attorney to collect your document. It is also not possible to give your fingerprints at another time.

          No. You will need to physically collect your document from one of the available pickup locations. Part of the collection process is the identification of the user of the document. Your document is given to you with PIN codes and you should never give your e-Residency card or PIN codes to third parties.

          No. E-Residency digital ID cards can only be issued by the official embassies and pickup locations listed on the application. Honorary consuls or other embassies representing Estonia can not issue e-Residency cards.

          In most cases, changing the pickup location is not encouraged. Additional time will be needed to re-route your document to the new location. Additionally, you'll need to pay a change fee. For pricing information, please check FAQ here.

          Please note that if the document has arrived to the pickup location in Pretoria, Singapore, São Paulo, Bangkok or Tokyo, changing the location is not possible. 

          Also note that changing the pickup location is not a solution for prolonging the 6 month time frame for collection.

          Pickup locations send email notifications when the document has arrived (in general within 2-5 weeks after e-Residency has been granted). Sometimes these notifications go into spam mailbox, please check. You can also contact the pickup location directly. For pickup location contact information, please see the pick-up locations list above.

          If you have not shown interest in collecting your e-Residency kit within 6 months, it will be returned to Estonia and destroyed. If you still desire e-Residency, you will need to apply again.