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    purpose and values

    We empower entrepreneurs globally

    The core vision of e-Residency is to be where entrepreneurs go to do business, 100% digitally and from anywhere in the world.

    Our purpose is to build an innovative business environment for global entrepreneurs that provides a positive return on investment for the Estonian economy, educational system, and culture.

    The e-Residency Knowledge Base offers information in many formats to guide e-residents on starting and running companies and dealing with complex cross-border legal and tax regulations. Our Marketplace of trusted business support service providers exclusively assist e-⁠resident entrepreneurs to run and grow their businesses, thus making operating an international business accessible to a wider range of entrepreneurs.

    Our value proposition for e-⁠resident founders

    Offering a smoother way to do business to globally-minded entrepreneurs is possible due to Estonia’s incredible digital transformation over the last three decades. Thanks to this development, e-⁠Residency of Estonia offers the world’s first and only 100% digital toolkit for location independent management of global business operations.

    Estonian e-⁠Residency strives to add value to the entrepreneurial journeys of founders in four distinct ways:

    Making business easy at every stage

    Doing business securely in the world’s most digital country

    Accessing opportunities for their businesses to thrive

    Connecting the world’s entrepreneurs

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