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    Entrepreneurs from all over the world use e-⁠Residency to start and manage their company totally online, from self-employed consultants to IT specialists, freelance creatives and digital nomads.

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    why become an e-⁠resident?

    Grow your business remotely from anywhere in the world.

    Register an EU company within minutes
    Go paperless with Estonia’s secure digital solutions
    Reduce bureaucracy using Estonia’s digital solutions
    Access trusted banking and payment services based in Europe
    Network with like-minded e-⁠Resident entrepreneurs

    Estonian e-⁠residency in numbers


    e-⁠Residents from 170+ countries all around the world


    e-⁠Resident companies operating in diverse sectors

    no. 1

    In international tax, whereas 99% of state services are online

    E-Residency makes my business run smoothly and synchronize things. I appreciate my new digital homeland of Estonia very much.

    Brexit happened and at that point, Estonia was the easiest way to incorporate the company and manage it remotely

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