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    Congratulations on joining our digital society! You can now use state of the art digital government services to start and manage an EU-based company 100% online.

    1. Confirm that your card is activated

    Your digital ID card is activated automatically within 24 hours after you have picked it up.
    Verify if your card is active

    2. Install ID-software

    The DigiDoc ID-software allows you to log into e-services, open digitally signed documents, check the validity of signatures, and encrypt information.
    Download DigiDoc

    3. Log into an e-service

    Use your card, card reader and PIN codes to access various e-services that are now available to you, such as the e-Business Register.
    Try logging in: e-Business Register

    4. Sign a document

    Create a new text document and try signing it with DigiDoc and the PIN codes that came with your kit.
    See how to digitally sign a document

    Put your card into use

    Start a company online

    Insert your ID card into the reader. Go to e-Business Register and choose ID-card login. To authenticate yourself, you will need to use your PIN1 code that came with the card. Successfully logged in? You can now start a company in under 4 hours!

    Stay informed via e-mail

    Official letters by the state agencies will be sent to your governmental e-mail ( You can redirect the communication to an e-mail address you regularly use to make staying up-to-date easier.

    Ready to establish a company?

    Haven't got a service provider yet?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    E-Residency digital ID card is a digital identification document.

    An electronic signature given with your e-Residency digital ID card is legally valid and binding. It is also legally equivalent to a handwritten signature. With this in mind, you should always confirm the identity and authenticity of the second party before signing a document.

    Your electronic identity is protected for as long as your PIN and PUK codes don’t fall into the wrong hands along with your card.

    Safety tips

    • Do not give your e-Residency digital ID card to other people. If it is misused, you will be legally responsible for any agreements made on your behalf.
    • Protect your PIN codes. Keep the codes in a secure location that others will not have access to and where you will not lose them. Never write your PIN codes on your card or keep the PIN codes together with your card.
    • Remember your PIN codes. You can change your PIN codes here if they are difficult to remember.
    • PIN1 and PIN2 should be different. If the two codes are very similar, it may be easy for someone to guess the other code if they gain access to one.
    • Do not store PIN codes on your web browser. Web browsers can temporarily cache PIN1 code during an active browser session. Because of this, it may be possible to enter e-services without entering your PIN1 code. Caching your PIN1 code can be avoided by following these steps:
      • After using your e-Residency digital ID in an e-service, log out from the service using the exit, log out or close buttons.
      • Remove your e-Residency digital ID from the card reader.
      • Close all web browser windows after you have finished using an e-service.

     Stolen or lost items

    In case your e-Residency digital ID or PIN codes are stolen, or permanently lost, immediately notify the ID help centre by phone at (+372) 677 3377 to suspend your certificates. The phone line is open 24/7. ONLY suspend your certificates if you are positive they were stolen or lost as they cannot be reactivated remotely. It is not possible to reverse the process.

    Below is a list of the most commonly used Estonian government e-services. Visit our Marketplace for a collection of services that will enable you to make the most of your digital ID.

    • State Portal - Log in to see and manage your personal information
    • Service Providers - Some service providers have integrated e-Residency digital ID log in on their websites
    • e-Business Register - Register your company online and manage your company information
    • e-Financials - Web-based public accounting software
    • e-Tax/e-Customs - Submit relevant documentation to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board
    • e-Notary - Buy, sell or pledge shares of your Estonian company, authenticate powers of attorney
    • e-apostille - Use e-apostille when you need your company formation documents apostilled

    If you encounter issues using your digital signature, the most common reason is that your browser’s digital signing plugins need to be updated. Instructions to properly enable digital signing plugins in your browser can be found at ID card help centre.

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