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    true business freedom for digital nomads

    Looking for a digital home for your business while you travel to Bali, Tulum or Madeira? The best place for digital nomads is Estonia. With e-⁠Residency, you’re free from paperwork, bureaucracy and location.

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    Digital nomads are truly location independent with e-⁠Residency

    Base your business in the EU

    • Start an EU company 100% online
    • Access Estonia's open, trusted business environment
    • Manage things securely and fully remotely

    Find services especially for you

    • Streamline your business setup with virtual office assistants and accountants
    • Find business banking, tax advisers and insurers to suit your digital nomad lifestyle
    • Access the e-Residency Marketplace

    Embrace a minimalist lifestyle

    • Travel the world with your business in your pocket
    • Free up your time and energy to do what you love
    • Join a global community of like-minded nomadic e-residents

    next steps to becoming an EU business owner

    1. 1

      Submit your online application, along with the required documents and fee

      Submit application
    2. 2

      Wait for the decision from the Estonian Police & Border Guard Board

    3. 3

      Pick up your e-Residency kit

      Find your nearest pick-up point
    4. 4

      Register your company online

    5. 5

      Designate a licensed service provider for address and contact requirements

    6. 6

      Start operating from wherever you are

    Apply for e-⁠Residency

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