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    do business securely

    Estonia has a proven track record for digital innovation, cybersecurity and transparency. So, you can have full confidence incorporating your business here.


    For data security, there’s no central database. A distributed Data Exchange Layer enables secure, encrypted data flows between decentralised databases.


    KSI blockchain technology designed in Estonia means that data exchanges, communications, storage, and log files are independent and fully accountable.


    Citizens and e-⁠residents have the right to view their personal information and see how it is used by the government via log files.

    Estonia is built on digital foundations

    Have complete confidence doing business in the world's most digitally-minded country, where 99% of services are available online, 24/7. Since it was launched in 2014, e-Residency has been backed by the Estonian Government, to meet the needs of the world’s entrepreneurs. Estonian e-Residency remains the most popular programme of its kind, anywhere around the globe.

    Your secure identity in the digital world

    Your e-Residency Digital ID is a pan-European ID, eIDAS compliant, providing a safe way for users to conduct business online. All e-Residency card holders have been verified and background checked. With your digital ID, you can:
    • Authenticate remotely to access government and private e-services
    • Sign agreements with qualified electronic signatures
    • Encrypt information for secure transmission

    Highest rated digital signatures

    E-Residency digital ID cards can make Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES), the highest trust level of digital signature under the EU’s eIDAS framework.
    • Legally equivalent to a handwritten signature
    • Electronic timestamps
    • Ensures no third party has changed the document since it was signed
    • More secure than Adobe Sign and DocuSign


    Estonia has an open business environment where all company information is publicly available. It also ranks among the best in the world for transparency, rule of law and anti-corruption. There’s no need for a local director: manage your company affairs in Estonia’s transparent and secure digital ecosystem, 24/7.


    EU Digital Public Services Index 2021

    European Commission


    Economic Freedom Index 2022

    Heritage Foundation


    Global Corruption Index 2022

    Global Risk Profile


    Rule of Law Index 2022

    World Justice Project

    Government in the cloud - backed up

    The Estonian Government has backed up all its critical data in servers outside its borders - called the Data Embassy. This is a new and innovative concept for handling state information. It also ensures continuity of key state systems like the e-Business and identity documents registries. Data Embassy resources are under Estonian state control, secured against cyberattacks or crisis situations with KSI Blockchain technology, and are capable not only providing data backups, but also operating the most critical services.