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    unrivalled growth opportunities

    Access the world’s largest single trading bloc, a pool of investors in tech and growth businesses, and a supportive start-up ecosystem.


    in number of unicorns per capita

    Invest in Estonia


    Economic Freedom Index 2022

    Heritage Foundation


    Internet Freedom

    Freedom House


    Entrepreneurial Activity in the EU

    World Economic Forum

    Base your business in the world's largest single market

    Estonia is Northern Europe’s hub for businesses with global ambitions

    E-resident companies are registered in Estonia, a member state of the EU. So even though you don’t live in Estonia or maybe not even in the EU, your business is in the world’s largest trading bloc and single market. Having an EU company gives legitimacy in the eyes of clients and investors. Plus, one stop shop VAT schemes.

    an environment for global success stories

    Business-friendly ecosystem

    Estonia has a proven track record of creating the environment and ecosystem for entrepreneurial people to thrive and startups to become global success stories.
    • Liberal business regulation
    • Unique digital capabilities
    • An entrepreneurial culture
    • Incentives for SMEs/startups

    Get funding or mentoring

    Explore numerous entrepreneurship programs in Estonia and the EU. Find EU/Estonian government grants, local business chambers and events, private investors and support programmes.

    Supercharge growth in the most competitive tax system

    Estonian companies may benefit from Estonia’s straightforward and unique tax system.

    • 0% on reinvested profits
    • 14-20% on distributed profits
    • Simplified VAT reports due to uniform EU tax procedures
    • Estonia and Delaware are the only juristications that do not tax the transfer of shares

    We advise e-Residency as opposed to Delaware and UK since as soon as the startups concerned run into notarial or legal costs, Estonia becomes a far better option and saves a great deal of money over time.

    Eliud Mungai
    Startup Wise Guys incubator manager