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    make business easy at every stage

    Free your time with digital services that are seamless and efficient, whether establishing, administering or growing your business.

    Run your business from anywhere in the world

    Remotely access government e-services with your digital ID, 24/7.

    Simplify company administration

    Running a company feels seamless in Estonia’s open, digital business environment.

    Network of support

    Lean on a network of trusted service providers and like-minded entrepreneurs, if needed.

    Save time and paperwork

    Start and run a paperless company in record time with your e-⁠Residency card. No need to travel for admin.

    ease in establishing

    Start a company 100% online

    Estonia is the only country where anyone from anywhere can register a company without being physically present, and in record speed. Company registration takes only 2-4 hours.

    You have full control

    There’s no need for a local director. Manage your company affairs in Estonia’s transparent and secure digital ecosystem, 24/7.

    Multiple founders in different locations? No problem.

    With e-Residency, distributed management teams can start and run a company easily from anywhere. Read how Georg and Ian did it.

    ease in administering

    The best government e-services in the world

    in english
    All of Estonia’s government services are digital, interconnected and stackable. Rated as the best in the world according to the UN e-Government Survey (2022), they are also easy to use. As for security, Estonia has used blockchain technology to protect the integrity of government data and systems since 2012.

    One key for all

    As an e-resident you are provided with a digital ID card, similar to every Estonian. Your digital ID allows you to authenticate yourself online, use e-services and sign documents digitally.


    E-resident ID cards can be used for Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES), the highest trust level of digital signature under the EU’s eIDAS framework.

    ease in growing

    Simplify growth by joining the startup ecosystem

    Estonia has world-class human capital, unique digital capabilities and ranks highly on ease of doing business, making it a smart and agile country for all companies with global ambitions. It also ranks #1 in VC funding in Europe.


    the most unicorns per capita in Europe

    Invest in Estonia


    most startups per capita in Europe

    The State of European Tech 2022


    more businesses per capita than France

    World Bank


    more businesses per capita than Singapore

    World Bank

    Streamline administration with expert help

    You don’t need to do everything alone. Working with a verified service provider will save you time and money.

    What do you need help with?

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