e-⁠residency -⁠ probably the best way to run your esports business

Estonia is the best place to register a company for your esports business. With e-⁠Residency, you can start and run an EU company 100% online and easily manage your esports team or activities.

What is e-⁠Residency and how can it help esports entrepreneurs?

E-Residency is your digital key to doing business easily
  • Access Estonia’s advanced e-services and business environment with a government-issued e-Residency digital ID
  • Register a company online, sign documents digitally, and run business remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Join 90 000 e-residents from around the world who have established over 20 000 companies in Estonia
e-Residency in numbers

Who in esports can benefit from e-⁠Residency?

  • Esport teams
  • Content creators  
  • Industry startups 
  • Organizers of events and competitions

Why register a company for your esports activities?

  • Operate on a professional level
  • Access business banking 
  • Find investors for your business
  • Manage intellectual property (logo, name) and physical assets (office, computer)
  • Sign employment contracts with team members

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How to start your esports business with e-Residency?

  1. 1

    Become an e-resident

    Apply online, pay the state fee and choose a pickup location for your digital ID card. State fee: €100 Timeline: 3-8 weeks

    Apply online
  2. 2

    Register a company

    Register your private limited company (OÜ) online. State fee: €265 Timeline: up to 24 hrs

  3. 3

    Find services you need to start and run your company

    You need a legal address and a contact person service to register your company and business banking account to run your company. Cost: Find service providers and prices on our Marketplace

    Discover service providers

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Cooperation Partners

Passport.GG is a no-code solution for building communities around gaming and esports. e–Residency has teamed up with Passport.GG to promote the possibilities e-Residency can offer to the esports world.