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estonia is the best place for your business

Nearly 100,000 entrepreneurs, freelancers and digital nomads have become e-⁠residents of Estonia to start and run a company fully online. With e-⁠Residency, you can skip the bureaucracy and access low-cost business administration services.


e-⁠residents from Germany


companies created by Germans


minutes to open a company

5500+ e-⁠residents from Germany & why you should apply too

  • Register a company in Estonia 100% online with your digital ID card
  • Sign contracts and manage all aspects of your company securely online 
  • Pay low administrative costs (incl 10X less share capital than a German GmbH)
  • No obligation to join a chamber of commerce

Guide to Estonian e-⁠Residency for e-⁠residents in Germany

  • Four reasons to become an e-resident
  • How to apply for e-Residency
  • Digital security and advanced digital services of Estonia
  • How your business can benefit from e-Residency
Access the full guide here

Meet the e-residents

“Anyone who has founded a company in Germany will appreciate the advantages of Estonia streamlined government platforms & fully digitalized procedures. This saves entrepreneurs a lot of money & time.”

Tim Schnöckelborg
Founder of e-Commerce Guru OÜ, German entrepreneur living in Tallinn

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How to get started

  1. 1

    Become an e-resident

    Apply online, pay state fee, and choose a pickup location for your digital ID. State fee: €100-120.

    Learn how & apply
  2. 2

    Choose a service provider

    Obtain an Estonian contact person and legal address from our Marketplace. Cost: €30-150 monthly average (some include bookkeeping and other features).

    Choose your service provider using our Marketplace
  3. 2

    Register company in Estonia

    Register company structure online at e-Business Registry. Pay state fee for company registration. Cost: €265.

    Register a company online at e-Business Registry
  4. 4

    Apply for business banking

    Find a fintech partner in our service provider marketplace.

    Find business banking serivces

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