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    about us

    Launched in 2014, e-⁠Residency provides entrepreneurs from around the world secure digital access to Estonia's advanced e-services and transparent business environment. Today, the programme helps over 110,000 people and their businesses operate location independently. Here’s how we do it and how we got here.

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    Purpose and values

    E-Residency’s purpose is to build an innovative business environment for global entrepreneurs that provides a positive return on investment for the Estonian economy, educational system, and culture.

    Our story

    The pioneering success of e-Residency is part of a bigger narrative about Estonia’s incredible digital transformation over the last three decades.

    €385+ millions

    PR value (2014-20)


    of new companies registered annually


    of new startups established in Estonia

    Our team

    E-Residency is an Estonian government initiative represented by a core team focused on growing and supporting our global community of e-residents, service providers, and partners.

    Estonia’s Government-wide initiative

    Our work with a multitude of stakeholders from the public and private sectors is largely behind the success of e-Residency.

    See how Estonia benefits


    E-Residency is funded by the Estonian State with targeted funding to develop the program and influence the development of the surrounding ecosystem. This state investment is fully funded through state fees applied to the issuance of the e-Residency digital ID, company registration, and licensing, as well as through taxes paid in Estonia.

    Interested in becoming an e-⁠resident?