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    e-⁠Residency envoys and community leaders

    Meet our experienced and dedicated e-⁠Residency Envoys and Community Leaders! Connect, get advice, and tap into e-⁠Residency's business community.

    Meet experienced e-⁠residents

    Connect with the most experienced e-⁠resident entrepreneurs. Get to know them below!

    Tap into a global business network

    Ask them about the best ways to meet founders, mentors, or investors in Estonia's business scene.

    Learn from e-⁠residents’ experience

    Get practical advice and tips for running your business in Estonia efficiently and successfully.

    e-Residency Envoys and Community Leaders

    Upcoming Events

    Meet and greet experienced e-⁠residents in real life or virtually to hear about their e-⁠Residency experiences and ask your questions face-to-face.

    What are the two types of Spokespeople?


    Envoys are exceptional entrepreneurs with significant social influence, working closely with the e-Residency team to establish enduring trust-based relationships. Their authenticity and reliability give weight to their messages. Envoys represent e-Residency in prominent media outlets and various events, including professional gatherings, business receptions, and special e-Residency events. They also foster connections with policymakers, media, and prospective e-residents.

    Community Leaders

    Community leaders are subject matter experts in business development, serving as respected authorities within their communities. They possess deep knowledge of their native language and culture, enabling them to build strong community bonds. These self-driven individuals receive support and empowerment from
    e-Residency, collectively contributing to the program's success.

    Get to know the e-Residency Envoys and Community Leaders!

    celebrating the success of our spokespeople

    Read how the collective efforts of e-⁠Residency Spokespersons have made a significant impact on spreading the message of e-⁠Residency to a global audience.

    trust anchors in a sea of information: the importance of e-⁠Residency spokespeople

    E-⁠Residency has enlisted a team of rockstar e-⁠resident envoys and community leaders to help spread the word about the programme and the Estonian way of doing business.

    a vc fund for early-stage e-⁠resident enterprises?

    Interested in an investment fund dedicated to capital raising for e-⁠residents? Complete the survey to express your interest!

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