E-Residency Marketplace Membership

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We will respond to you when there is an opportunity for us to explore a co-operation.

As our e-Residency community grows, so too grows the need for business services to support this community. We build partnerships with companies that improve the lives of e-residents and help e-residents build successful companies.

We are interested in business services for location-independent digital entrepreneurs, but we also welcome new and creative ideas from coworking spaces, accelerators and more.
All the Marketplace members need to sign and follow e-Residency code of conduct & marketing guidelines (in Estonian).

As an Estonian government agency, we take pride in supporting Estonian-based businesses. Tere tulemast!

When filling our partnership request form, please be as specific as possible to help us understand your business and uniquenesses.

Partnership Advantages

  • Visibility to 100,000+ global community
  • Focus on cross-border companies, digital nomads, freelancers, solo- and¬†micropreneurs¬†
  • Credibility of partnership with an EU member state initiative

A few of our successful partnerships: