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    Are you a UK business owner or aspiring entrepreneur looking for new ways to scale? Over half of UK entrepreneurs (56%) are setting their sights beyond British shores


    of aspiring entrepreneurs

    feel positive about international expansion opportunities


    of business owners

    and aspiring entrepreneurs face administrative hurdles


    of UK business owners

    are still navigating the tricky, post-Brexit landscape


    of business owners

    and aspiring entrepreneurs plan to use digital platforms to scale their businesses this year
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    e-⁠Residency for Digital Entrepreneurs

    To pursue the freedom of doing business anywhere, become an e-⁠resident and leverage innovative digital infrastructure to build a business and a lifestyle on your terms. You might have thought of looking at how to become a digital nomad, but with e-⁠Residency you can easily register a business and run it fully online, at low-cost, with minimal bureaucracy. You may already know about the Digital Nomad Visa, but have you considered the UK-tailored e-⁠Residency programme? Find out how the two compare when it comes to flexibility and accessing European markets.

    With e-⁠Residency, digital entrepreneurs can:
    • Get 24/7 remote access to Estonia's digital business environment
    • Register a company rapidly in the EU from anywhere in the world
    • Enjoy full, simple, secure access to the online business services you need
    • Manage administrative tasks efficiently and at a low cost
    • Have more time to spend on clients and creative work, and
    • Stay in control of your career with full freedom and flexibility


    Run your business from anywhere with e-⁠Residency. 100% digital & entirely built for your needs.


    Trade in EU as a UK business. Access EU grant funding for startups and SMEs, and retain the benefits of the single market.


    e-⁠Residency services are digital by design, and based on a secure identity more efficient than a written signature.


    Join the UK e-⁠residents network and meet like minded e-⁠residents, make business partners and find clients.

    Manage your company remotely

    Kick-start your business with a program that supports your efficiency and gives you a global reach, aligning yourself with Estonia’s outward looking approach to entrepreneurship and technology.

    When you become an e-resident, you can run your business from anywhere in the world thanks to your Digital ID, which lets you:

    • Sign documents digitally and securely
    • Access government e-services 24/7
    • Submit reports and declare taxes online

    Break into EU markets

    By completing your EU company registration in Estonia, you’ll receive true digital citizenship—putting Europe’s largest trading bloc on your business’s doorstep.

    The UK left the Single Market in 2020, but when they register their business in Estonia, e-residents can expand their business into the third largest economy in the world, and you don’t have to worry about Schengen restrictions or post-Brexit red tape.

    Funding and EU grants for small businesses

    UK is no longer a member state of the Single Market, and UK businesses may not get access to EU funding. Meanwhile, 40% view the UK business environment support for innovation as more restrictive than supportive.

    If you’re running your business from the UK and want to explore more opportunities, e-Residency lets you access markets and grant opportunities from the EU, paving the way for your startup to grow and thrive.

    Supportive tax system

    Running a UK business across borders involves navigating the world of cross-border taxes. With your company registration in Estonia, you can benefit from Estonian tax system which is the most competitive in the world. The main benefits to having a company in the world’s most competitive tax code country:

    • Estonia’s simple tax rules and uniform tax rates keep compliance costs low.
    • Tax filings take minimal time thanks to a fully digital tax environment.
    • E-resident companies with dual tax residency or a permanent establishment in other countries should not be double-taxed.

    Why Estonia?

    Despite its size, Estonia punches above its weight as one of the smartest and cleanest states, focusing on maximum innovation and minimal regulation. 

    The country has an easily navigable digital business environment, and companies get support from government agencies such as the Estonia Tax and Customs Board, who are generally quick to reply to any queries.

    Digital Identity

    Only 1 in 5 business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs are aware of digital identity technologies (e.g., X-Road, blockchain-based IDs) and how they can enhance security, trust and transparency for businesses.


    A forward-looking 22% consider digital identity tech as vital for their global expansion plans within the next year. When planning the next decade, this more than doubles to 47%—reflecting how fundamental these technologies are likely to become.


    As an e-resident, you’ll be ahead of the curve in an increasingly digital global business environment.


    E-⁠resident ID cards can be used for Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES), the highest trust level of digital signature under the EU’s eIDAS framework.


    For added security, there’s no central e-⁠resident database. A distributed Data Exchange layer enables secure, encrypted data flows between decentralised databases.


    As a nearshore company, you can manage your business online while production takes place in another country. E-⁠residents can view their personal information and see how it is used by the government via log files.

    Meet like minded UK e-residents

    You can receive all of these perks and connect with a community of supportive and knowledgeable UK-based business owners. Here’s Chris & Vicky talking about their journeys with e-⁠Residency.

    Become an e-resident from the UK

    Apply for e-⁠Residency, pick up your e-⁠Residency kit and use it to start, run and grow a company 100% online.

    Set up a limited company online

    It takes between 5-15 days to start a company in the UK. Estonia, on the other hand, enables businesses to be created within 2-4 hours, and has a record time of 15 minutes. Your digital ID lets you authenticate remotely, access e-services seamlessly, and lean on a network of supportive service providers. Learn more about what you need to do to become an e-resident.

    The cost of starting a business with e-Residency


    Application state fee

    • When applying for e-Residency, you need to pay the application fee using VISA or Mastercard.
    • The amount of the state fee is €100-€130, depending on the pickup location you choose in your application.
    From €265

    Company registration fee

    • The state fee to register a private limited company (OÜ) online is €265
    • You will also need a legal address and contact person. Most of the e-residents use a company service provider for this and spend, on average, €200-400 per year.
    from €50 per month

    Fees for additional services

    • Fees for additional services (e.g. bookkeeping, accounting) start at €50 per month.
    • Minimum share capital contribution starts from €0.01 per shareholder.

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