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Global health insurance for e-Residents of Estonia

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This event happened in the past.
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Together with different experts, we host monthly webinars about global health insurance options for e-Residents of Estonia.

– We give general overviews and talk about the basics of personal health care coverage.
– We introduce the Estonian public universal healthcare system Haigekassa.
– You will learn about different options that play nicely with your e-Residency and your company in Estonia supporting your nomadic lifestyle.

This webinar will be hosted by:
– Christoph Huebner, NOMADS.insure
Christoph is an e-Resident and perpetual traveler himself. So he combines the experience of a truly location-independent digital nomad with more than 10 years of expertise in health insurance.
– Tõnis Jõgeva, Director Of Sales at 1Office
Tõnis is not only representing 1Office, one of the oldest and biggest service providers for e-Residents in the market. He is also a true ambassador of Estonian culture and mentality.

This event happened in the past.