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Become an e-resident

Apply online, pay state fee, and choose a pickup location for your digital ID. State fee: €100-120.

Choose service provider

Obtain an Estonian contact person and legal address from our Marketplace. Cost: €30-150 monthly average (some include bookkeeping and other features) According to Estonian law, if the management board of a company is located in a foreign state, the company must designate a contact person who acts as a messenger if local authorities have a need to contact your company and cannot reach you in person. The contact person does not need to be a shareholder, board member, or employee and you do not need to grant any rights to act on behalf of your company.

Register company in Estonia

Register company structure online at e-Business Registry. Pay state fee for company registration = €265. If you choose to distribute dividends, you will also need to register your minimum share capital. For a private limited company, the minimum is €2,500 and you can defer payment. For larger entities, these rules vary. Note, minimum share capital is not a fee - it is your money that goes into your company to spend in support of your business activity. Learn more here.

Apply for business banking

Find a fintech partner in our Marketplace to cover your company banking needs.

Participate in our community

Be an active member of the e-Residency community and network globally to grow your business.

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