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    running a business in record-breaking estonia

    Estonia has been setting records in the digital age since 2004. Back then, Estonia was the first country to allow online voting in elections. On 13th June 2022 e-⁠resident Dominik broke a speed record for company incorporation.

    Estonia is building a unicorn stable through its e-residency programme to boost diversity

    Becoming an e-resident also allows you to set-up a business remotely and you can do it fast. A new record was set on Monday at London Tech Week by an Austrian entrepreneur, who set up his company in 15 mins 33 seconds on Estonia’s e-residency platform.

    Setting up shop in the EU - only takes 15 minutes

    'Thanks to Estonia, expanding a business to the EU online is quicker, safer and easier than ever before, proving that when it comes to business resilience, nothing beats digital infrastructure' Ambassador of Estonia to the UK Viljar Lubi on the e-Residency programme in The Times

    Estonia’s tax system most competitive in the world

    For the eighth year in a row, Estonia is first in International Tax Competitiveness. Estonia’s top score is driven by a 20% percent tax rate on corporate income that is only applied to distributed profits and also by a property tax that only applies to the value of land, rather than to the value of real property or capital.

    Meet fearless e-⁠resident Dominik Panosch

    Dominik Panosch is an Estonian e-resident & Austrian entrepreneur who set up his new Estonian business in 15 minutes and 33 seconds at London Tech Week 2022. 
    “The EU is the world’s largest single market and offers countless opportunities for business. Thanks to e-Residency, it's easier and safer than ever before to start an EU company and access these opportunities. In an uncertain world, e-Residency is a no-brainer for entrepreneurs like me.”

    e-⁠Residency in numbers


    e-⁠Residents from 170+ countries all around the world


    e-⁠Resident companies operating in diverse sectors

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    In international tax competitiveness, where 99% of state services are online

    Watch how easy it is to register a company in Estonia

    Grow your business remotely from anywhere in the world

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      Become an e-resident

      Apply online, pay state fee, and choose a pickup location for your digital ID. State fee: €100-120.

      Apply here
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      Choose service provider

      Obtain an Estonian contact person and legal address from our Marketplace. Cost: €30-150 monthly average (some include bookkeeping and other features)

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      Register company in Estonia

      Register company structure online at e-Business Registry. Pay state fee for company registration. State fee: €265.

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