your business can remain in the EU with e-⁠Residency

Apply online now for e-⁠Residency of Estonia and register an EU based company without leaving the UK.

Take the guesswork out of doing business in the EU after Brexit

Streamline compliance at the EU border

Sell goods and services across the EU from your digital home base in Estonia

Reduce your paperwork

Simplify VAT by declaring and paying it in one EU country using the One-Stop-Shop VAT portal

Operate in English

Estonia’s government services are accessible in English

Why choose e-Residency?

Do business in the EU without leaving home

  • Apply online and pick up your personal digital ID card at our Embassy in London
  • Access a variety of secure digital services in Estonia to start and run your company
  • Save time and paperwork by digitally signing documents to the highest EU standards

Start and run an EU company with ease

  • Register a private limited company in Estonia fully online in less than one day
  • Streamline bookkeeping and tax, and access business banking and payment tools
  • Provide certainty to your EU clients that your business operates in the Single Market

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“I was feeling down because of Brexit when my husband found a news article about e-Residency and sent it over to me. I realised its aimed at people like me who have grown up feeling integrated with Europe and not seeing these borders. I can now maintain that, at least in a digital sense."

Vicky Brock
VistalWorks OÜ

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How does it work?

  1. 1

    Apply online

    Complete our online application form. Applications are typically approved in less than two weeks.

    Apply online
  2. 2

    Pickup your digital ID card in London

    Schedule an appointment to visit the Embassy of Estonia in London to pickup your e-Residency digital ID card.

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  3. 3

    Register your EU company

    Choose a business service provider from the e-Residency Marketplace. After that, you can register an EU based private limted company 100% online.

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