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“I was feeling down because of Brexit when my husband found a news article about e-Residency and sent it over to me. I looked at the site and realised its aimed at people like me who have grown up feeling integrated with Europe and not seeing these borders. I can now maintain that, at least in a digital sense.

I looked at everything I could find about e-Residency in great detail then validated it by looking at what people were saying across social media. I then went to the Estonian Embassy to collect my card and they said ‘thank you for choosing Estonia’. I felt very proud.”

Vicky Brock
Founder of VistalWorks
Scotland’s Most Inspiring Business Person of the Year 2017
Proud e-resident

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Apply for e-Residency of Estonia

Pick up your digital ID card in London

  • Apply for e-Residency online at
  • Pick up your government-issued digital ID card at our embassy in London or another pickup location around the world.
  • Gain secure access to a business environment that is paperless, borderless, and seamless.
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Start an EU company without leaving the UK

  • Establish and manage an EU company entirely online.
  • Access business banking, accounting, tax consulting, and other services from the e-Residency marketplace.
  • With your EU-registered company, you can continue working with your EU customers and clients with certainty.
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  • Over 85,000 people from 170+ countries around the world have applied for e-Residency, including 4,154 from the UK.
  • Become part of a global network of like-minded entrepreneurs that can help you grow your business and find new opportunities.
  • Read about successful e-resident entrepreneurs from UK like Vicky Brock, Rhian French, David Fortune and Mark Izatt
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